Stucco Building Panel Specifications

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Panel Specifications

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Installation Manual

Our Stucco Building Panels are manufactured from high quality, 20-gauge, Galvanized (G-90) steel. The steel is primed (both sides) with a baked-on polyester base coat that is specially formulated to provide adhesion to the Stucco Topcoat.

Steel is rollformed into 16" wide panels, cut to length and endformed to exact length for your application.

The Stucco Finish is then Spray Applied and Oven Cured. Our Textured Stucco Finish is a fiber-reinforced polymer / aggregate compound, specifically formulated to adhere to the pre-primed panel surface. Once cured, the Stucco Finish is resistant to Moisture, Cracking, Checking, Chalking, Mildew and Loss of Adhesion.

Stucco Wall Panels are carefully packaged and plastic wrapped to ensure a consistent, superior quality product that is ready to install.

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Each panel is endformed top and bottom for additional strength and to provide a finished appearance without additional stiffeners or finish trim. This feature also allows the panel to be stacked for taller panel applications and pattern or design options.