Stucco Metal Wall Panels

(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do your Stucco Coated Panels come in different lengths?
    YES! We form our Stucco building Panels in lengths from 1'-0" to 29'-0" and any increment of an inch in between.
  • How wide are your Stucco Wall Panels?
    Our Stucco Panels cover Sixteen Inches in width (18" overall) from seam to seam. They are available ONLY in this width.
  • Can you match the existing color of my building with your Stucco Steel Panels?
    YES! Provide us a wet sample of paint, a painted sample or simply give us the original panels manufacturer's name and color number for an exact match.
  • What gauge steel are your Stucco Building Panels?
    Our Metal Stucco Panels are formed from very sturdy, 20-gauge, G-90, galvanized steel to assure a uniform flat surface that resists wrinkling and “oil canning”. Standard corrugated metal panels are normally much thinner, 26-28 gauge.
  • Are your STUCCO COATED PANELS insulated?
    Not usually, but our Stucco Panels can be insulated at the factory (additional charges apply) with standard EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) foam board. Various thickness and densities can be used to achieve desired R-Values. More often though, batts of rolled fiberglass insulation are installed over the girts before our Stucco Wall Panels are attached. Contact us for installation procedures.
  • Will your STUCCO BUILDING PANELS be damaged if they are installed during bad weather?
    NO! Unlike concrete, masonry or EIFS, our Stucco Wall Panels can be installed during periods of rain, snow or sub-freezing weather. No damage will result.
  • What are some of the typical applications for your METAL STUCCO PANELS?
    Commercial Buildings, Offices, Retail Centers, Churches, Schools, and Government Buildings are some of the more popular uses for our Stucco Building Panels. Virtually any building project can be enhanced with our STUCCO PANELS. WE DO NOT OFFER OUR METAL STUCCO PANELS FOR RESIDENTIAL USE!! Visit our picture Portfolio for a sampling of uses.
  • Can your STUCCO WALL PANELS be used to resurface an existing building?
    YES, almost always. By installing “Hat Channel” or similar structural sections over existing building surfaces and attaching our Stucco Wall Panels to the hat channel, most existing surfaces like brick, masonry, corrugated metal, etc. can be easily retrofitted.
  • Do you have a local METAL STUCCO PANEL representative or distributor in our area?
    Our single tier Marketing structure helps save our clients save money. Sales and Marketing, Technical Support, Production and Installation queries are all handled from our St. Louis headquarters. Assistance is as close as the telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • You say that your STUCCO WALL PANELS can be “stacked”; how does that work?
    Our Stucco Panels can be stacked without trim section in between. This allows the architect or designer to add accent stripes of a different color to a long or tall elevation that might otherwise have a somewhat boring appearance. See our Stucco Building Panel Specifications page for more detail.
  • How does your STUCCO COATED PANEL compared to EIFS?
    We believe we are FAR SUPERIOR.
    1. Our Stucco Panels are MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than EIFS.
    2. Our Stucco Panels are MUCH MORE DURABLE than EIFS.
    3. Our Stucco Panels INSTALL MUCH MORE RAPIDLY than EIFS.
    4. Our Stucco Panels are FAR LESS PRONE TO LEAKAGE and resulting water damage. There are real EIFS horror stories involving building damage, lawsuits, government action, mold, insurance concerns, etc. Bottom line…OUR STUCCO BUILDING PANELS DON’T LEAK OR ROT!
    5. Our Stucco Panels and Finish carry a 20-YEAR-WARRANTY!!
  • Can your STUCCO WALL PANELS be cut at the job site?
    Yes. Use a circular saw with a good quality metal cutting blade to rip the Stucco Panels vertically or angle cut them to roof exact roof pitch or framed opening size.
  • Do you make STUCCO TRIM to give your STUCCO PANELS a finished appearance?
    Yes. We have STANDARD TRIM SECTIONS, i.e. Inside Corners, Outside Corners, Base Trim, Window & Door Trims. We can also make “SPECIAL” trim to most dimension requests. All Trim is painted with baked on STUCCO coating.
  • How do we get started with your STUCCO WALL PANELS?
    Just give us a call to discuss the project you’re thinking about. Send us your drawings or fax them to us and we’ll get you a fast, accurate quotation.